Why You Need a Hair & Makeup Mobile Service

Why You Need a Hair & Makeup Mobile Service

Let’s admit it:

we all love being pampered, and there’s no better feeling than getting a pedi and mani without needing to lift a finger. It’s the reason why cabana kiosks on the beach are so popular: the cocktails served, fresh fruit on a platter, and full-body massages come to you, wherever you are. Bliss!

So, it only made sense to translate this type of pampering a little closer to home. If you’ve never experienced a hair and makeup mobile service, prepare to be amazed. Read on to see why you should book a mobile sesh for your next special event.

No travel time necessary

For obvious reasons, one of the biggest benefits to booking a hair & makeup mobile service is that you won’t even need to leave the house. Bridal shower at 12pm? Great - you can be up by 9am, have your hair and makeup done by 11.30am and still have time to take selfies. There’s no need to plan your trip ahead, or making sure you’ve got enough petrol in the car, looking for car parking spots once you’ve arrived, or even just battling the weather elements outside. 

Your hair and makeup will look fresh

Two in one: that’s the deal you get when your hair and makeup appointments come together. You won’t need to run between separate hair or makeup sessions because it’s all done in the one spot - at your home, or your boujee hotel room, or anywhere else where you summon us. And, because of this, you’ll have the freshest, most shiny, and most bouncy hair to accompany your dewy, sun kissed face.

We bring the fun… and the tools

Even if this is your first or 50th time getting your hair and makeup done, it’s natural to feel a bit nervous. A reputable hair and makeup artist (such as ourselves!) will bring the fun, excitement and laughter. Most of all, we’ll make you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your whole session. After all, if you’re glowing from the inside, you’ll glow from the outside.

Oh, and we’ll come equipped with everything you need to get glammed up. That includes brushes, combs, hairdryers, straighteners, hair spray, bobby pins and anything else you need to create your look.

Hair and makeup for Yarra Valley and beyond

Finally, a hair salon that’s open on Sundays! We’re proud to deliver salon-quality mobile hair and makeup services on the move across Melbourne’s East and surrounds, even on weekends. If you would like to book an appointment with us, please try to do so as early as you can, because Sundays can actually be our busiest days. We look forward to creating your perfect look for your special occasion!