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Colour is Personal

Colour is personal and so is our approach choosing the the perfect colour service for you. Is it time to refresh those roots with a regrowth tint touch up? Or are you ready for a make over with a permanent tint or semi permanent service.

Consultation is key and our team of regularly educated and highly skilled Colour Artists will make sure your colour service is bespoke to you. Honey Blondes, Cool or Chocolate Browns, Rich Ruby reds, all of our colour services will have you blowing kisses at yourself in the mirror. Time poor? We have 20 minute glossing services that last anywhere from 6-24 washes, that will have have you in and out of our space in minimum time but with maximum impact.

As hair health is our passion, we will make sure this is taken into account when selecting the perfect colour service for your hair integrity and to create the ultimate shine. A carefully curated at home regimen will be selected for you to keep those locks looking glossy before your next appointment.

So lets us enhance your hairs natural beauty with a splash of colour.



Our services

Are you ready for a bold new look for your hair color? We can color your hair however you like, giving you a stunning new look. Make a statement and stand out with our professionally style hair color services.

Or we can help your natural hair color to look even better, brighter, and bolder. rejuvenate your natural look with our expert hair coloring services. Let our team work their magic and bring your natural beauty to light.

Maybe you are starting to go a little grey and you’d like to cover that up. We’re here to help, with hair coloring services that can bring that youthful and vibrant look back. Or if you want to lean into the grey, we can help you with that as well.

You can go as bold or as subtle as you like with the color, and we can help you find the look that works for your skin tone and your lifestyle. Our hair stylists will make recommendations based on information you provide and your needs. They can help you achieve a look that you’ve always wanted or simply touch up your current look.

No one has to know that you’ve come to see us for hair coloring services. We can keep it low key and subtle, using natural tints that look great on you.

We also offer multiple color styling services give your hair more than one color for a truly unique and personalized look.

We use only the best quality products, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used. The products we treat your hair with have been carefully tested and will not damage your hair. Our hairdressers will be happy to discuss with you how to care for your newly colored hair and how to keep up the color and maintain your look. You can feel confident getting the look you want and not worry about losing it quickly.


Foils & Highlights


Permanent Colour Regrowth


Blow Dry Iron / Curls

results speak.

Can not recommend this place enough. I’m so grateful to the wonderful staff who are knowledgeable and provided me with so much information on how to restore my hair. I left feeling and looking amazing. After 8 years, I finally found my new hairdresser.


Incredibly nice staff, very helpful and talented. I just moved here and was a little bit anxious to try a new hair dresser, but they did an amazing job.


Is it time to give your hair a little color TLC?

Come see us to discuss what options we have available. We will be happy to make some recommendations and help you achieve the look you want for your hair. Call us or stop in to learn more.



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