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So lets us enhance your hairs natural beauty with a splash of colour.



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Our team can provide the professional makeup and hair up services you need to look your best at all times. We can create a personalized look for you that accentuates your features and suits your face shape. We are able to offer you modern, stylish looks, as we stay on top of merging and current trends.

Our makeup and hairdressing experts are well trained in a variety of techniques, so we can provide a look that is appealing to you no matter what your tastes are. Maybe you don’t quite know what look you want to go for, and we can provide recommendations for you that can help you with your decision.

The way you look says a lot about who you are, and it helps the world to see your personality and the pride you take in yourself. With the right look, you can exude confidence and command attention. Let us help you design a look that is definitely you but that also portrays to the world the appearance you want to put forward.

We don’t believe in a one-style-fits-all approach to makeup and hair up services. So, we can create a look that is as bold or is subtle as you like, touching up existing makeup and working with your natural beauty. 

Our hair and makeup services can be as in depth as you like, and it’s up to you how far we take any look. We can simply enhance the natural beauty that you already have, or we can help you try something completely different. Our team of experienced professionals knows how to work with any face shape and skin tone to create a pleasing look that you will love.

We use skin and hair products that are completely safe. We will provide you with directions on how to preserve the look we give you and make it last so you can get plenty of value out of each visit with us.

Our team is friendly and dedicated to giving you the best results, and they will help you feel at home as they work on your look and giving you the style you want.


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results speak.

Can not recommend this place enough. I’m so grateful to the wonderful staff who are knowledgeable and provided me with so much information on how to restore my hair. I left feeling and looking amazing. After 8 years, I finally found my new hairdresser.


Incredibly nice staff, very helpful and talented. I just moved here and was a little bit anxious to try a new hair dresser, but they did an amazing job.


Come see us to receive a little touch up that can go a long way or for a whole new makeover that will help you stand out.

 Feel free to call us for questions or to schedule an appointment.



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